About Us


Remote Internships Online, created in 2020 is an spinoff of The Student Mobility Group founded in 2020 . Having more than 10 years of experience, with this project we aim to become the become the leading organization in the online and remote internships field. We own more than 10 different brands and portals related with student mobility and internships such as www.spain-internship.com, www.internships-germany.com, www.internships-italy.com or www.internships-usa.eu

We are an experienced team in Student Mobility, Erasmus Plus projects and educational mobility. 



Spain Internship was created by their two founders, Susanna Mettomaki and José Antonio Jiménez Lama, offering customized internship services and programs for students and educational institutions.


Rapidly, company started to expand and offer the same services in Italy and Germany. The company added an student agency housing firm to their portfolio, www.roomsevilla.com, expanding as well rapidly to other provinces in Spain.


We added a new business line: recruitment for companies, offering customized intern recruitment solutions for companies in Spain, Italy and Germany.


The housing agency was sold to a private buyer, to focus specifically in internship related services. We created our own recruitment brand for international employees in Spain, www.recruitmentinternacional.es and a branch in the USA for J1 Visa programs: www.internships-usa.eu


Founders sold 80% of the shares to an investment firm formed by reputed entrepreneurs to boost the internationalization and growth of the company.


Creation of www.remoteinternshipsonline.com and development of a global worldwide solution for remote internships. Looking for a potential investment round.


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